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Six Week Program for Pull Ups


Get your first pull-up OR build the necessary muscles to perform more pull-ups.

Get stronger lats, triceps, biceps, and shoulder muscles

Improve your pull-up strength, build a healthier and stronger shoulder and become the strongest athlete possible.

Created by Erick Hudson and Shawna Norton, two Crossfit Coaches with a combined 20 years of Coaching and Movement experience, this program takes the guesswork out of trying to get stronger for your pull-ups.

This is an accessory program- three days per week for six weeks. 

It is designed for you to be able to perform your normal workout routines in addition to the accessory work. Each workout will take you no more than 30 minutes.

You will begin in week one with specific movements that are directly translatable to obtaining your pull up or helping you to become stronger with the pull-up movement. As the weeks’ progress, we will increase reps and weight to ensure you continue to gain strength.

With this program, you will receive:

      • The program as a downloadable Word Document
      • Exclusive access via email to a coach to help answer any questions you may have along the way
      • A weekly email providing you with extra tips, mobility exercises, and encouragement
      • A video library with each exercise demonstrated in addition to notes on expectations for movement

The program walks you through each movement via video demonstration in addition to providing you with the key points of performance on each exercise.

We also offer strategic advice to help you manage your body outside of the gym to ensure you get the most from this program and the program comes with a direct link to your coaches so if you have questions, concerns, or comments you won’t be left out in the cold!  You are also welcome to email us prior to buying if you have specific questions about the program!

Ready to get stonger and get your first pull up?

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Strength Program for Pistol Squats


This program is designed to help athletes get or improve their single leg squat- also known as pistols.

You will perform the exercises three days per week for 6 weeks.

Not only will your pistols improve this program will increase your overall hip, core, and quad strength.

While it’s designed to be accessory, training the muscles necessary to perform pistols for repetitions means we are training leg muscles repetitively.

We are building the leg and core as a unit, so don’t be surprised if your hip flexors get sore.

Get stronger legs. Address instabilities and imbalances.

The program is designed for each exercise to be built on each other.

You will want to do the exercises before class or before your regularly scheduled training, and you are asked to do the exercises in the order they are programmed to ensure you get the most from the program.

Each exercise has a rep scheme. Choose the weights accordingly so that you can hit the reps each time. If it’s too easy, choose heavier weight. Too hard, choose less weight or make modifications.

You will be performing a range of exercises that increase unilateral leg stability while improving balance, hip and quad strength, and addressing ankle flexibility.

Some of the exercises you will be performing are:

  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • L-Sits
  • PLanks

These exercises will transfer over into every lift that you perform in the gym.

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6 Week Core Program for Strength Athletes and Crossfitters


Work on the muscles you need to perform Oly lifts, Squats, gymnastics moves such as toes to bar and handstands, and build a functional core that allows you to move well and live injury free.

This program is 6 weeks long, 5 days a week, and will take you an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete each time.

You will work on everything from planks to handstand holds.

It is recommended that you do most of the workouts at the end of your sessions EXCEPT for day 5 where you work on Turkish Get Ups. Get Ups are a great way to warm up your core, hips, and shoulders and are a challenging enough exercise you will want to be fresh while performing them.

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The Low Back Fix

The Low Back Fix

Created by Theresa Larson, DPT and Anders Varner, SuperCoach


How you can GET RID OF LOW BACK PAIN, Drastically Increase Your FREEDOM AND CONFIDENCE & Learn Simple Steps To HEALTH and SELF-SUFFICIENCY

Take back control of your body and how it affects your life.

What people like you are saying about The Low Back Fix…

“Week 8 is in the books, and I’m so excited…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I feel like everyone should experience this.  Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for the things you guys have me do…I appreciate it.”

– Juliana S.

“My baseline pain has really decreased by week 6.
Oh my God, this is what it’s like not to have to be so constantly and intensely nagged by pain!”

– Steve R.

“I’ve been following the program for 7 months and I can’t remember the last time I thought about back pain.  I’ve forgotten what back pain feels like.”

– Phil W.

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