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    6 Week Strength Program for Pistol Squats

    This is an accessory program to help you with your pistols- it will be three days per week for six weeks.

    In an ideal setting you rest between days (i.e. don’t do two days back to back). You are expected to move quickly through the exercises while still moving well, and each day should take you no more than 30 to …

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    6 Week Total Body Makeover

    Watch your body change over the next six weeks. Lean out, lose weight, get stronger, feel amazing.

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    Build a Bigger, Stronger Booty

    8 weeks to bigger, stronger glute muscles and posterior chain

    The glute muscles are some of the most important muscles in the body. They are responsible for aiding in walking, running, sitting, standing, and of course, squatting. And everyone wants healthy glutes.

    This is an 8-week accessory program. You will perform 3 exercises 3 days per week, and we suggest you perform these …

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    Core and Balance Program for Seniors, Rehab, and Beginners

    Preview a day of the programming here

    This program was written for anyone who has a hard time with their balance, wants to get their core and legs stronger, and for people who want to start exercising but are not sure how to.

    This is a great program if you have been managing back issues and need to get moving again, …

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    Get into the HABIT of Exercising- 6 Week Exercise Program to a New You!

    Guaranteed to get you into the habit (as long as you stick with the program!)




    You have nothing to lose!

    You either get into the habit, which was the whole point, or you get your money back plus some! What are you waiting for???

    Do you want to start exercising? …

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    How to Make Pet Ownership Doable

    This book covers the basics of pet ownership from the perspective of someone who worked in the industry for over a decade.

    I go over the most important and useful things that I learned- like parasites, common ailments, behaviors, and what to do when your pet gets skunked.

    I hope this helps you save some money and be the best pet owner …

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    Six Week Strength Program for Pull Ups

    This program is designed to help get your first pull-up OR to help build the necessary muscles to perform more pull-ups.

    It’s designed to not only improve pull-up strength, but to build a healthier and stronger shoulder and to help you be the strongest athlete possible.

    You will be given 3 workouts per week that should take you no more than 30 …