Six Week Strength Program for Pull Ups

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This program is designed to help get your first pull-up OR to help build the necessary muscles to perform more pull-ups.

It’s designed to not only improve pull-up strength, but to build a healthier and stronger shoulder and to help you be the strongest athlete possible.

You will be given 3 workouts per week that should take you no more than 30 minutes to complete (we expect you to space the workouts out throughout the week- they are not meant to do back to back).

Each workout has 3 to 4 programmed exercises with video demonstrations and notes on key points of performance.

Each week the workouts will become slightly more challenging as your shoulders, upper back, and arms become stronger.

In addition to a downloadable word document provided in a format for you to print and track your progress you will receive:

  • Exclusive access via email to a coach to help answer any questions you may have along the way
  • A video library with each exercise demonstrated in addition to notes on expectations for movement

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This is a 6 week accessory pull-up program designed to get you stronger lats, triceps, biceps, and shoulder muscles.

(But don’t worry- you WILL be practicing your pull-ups at least once per week on this program!)

Why this program? Because it WORKS!

Created by Erick Hudson and Shawna Norton, Crossfit Coaches with a combined 20 years of Coaching and Movement experience, this program takes the guess work out of trying to get stronger for your pull-ups.

This is an accessory program- it will be three days per week for six weeks.

You will be able to perform your normal workout routines in addition to the accessory work.

The strength exercises prescribed are directly translatable to the pull-up movement. As the weeks progress we will increase reps and weight to ensure you continue to gain strength.

By the end of week six you will be well on your way to making pull-ups look easy!

The program walks you through each movement via video demonstration in addition to providing you with the key points of performance on each exercise.

In addition, we offer strategic advice to help you manage your body outside of the gym to ensure you get the most from this program.

This program comes with a direct link to your coaches so if you have questions, concerns, or comments you won’t be left out in the cold!  You are also welcome to email us prior to buying if you have specific questions about the program!

About the authors:

Erick Hudson is the owner of Constantly Varied Fitness, and is a Crossfit Certified L2 Coach with over 8 years’ experience in Crossfit both as an athlete and a Coach.

He has completed the Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastic specialty courses. Highly experienced in gymnastics and weightlifting/ strength training, he uses his knowledge, coaching skills, and expertise to help countless people with pull ups, handstand pushups, muscle ups, and the many movements within Crossfit. In addition, he runs his own Youtube channel (Constantly Varied Fitness) with 200+ videos of informative fitness content.

Shawna Norton is a Crossfit Certified L1 Coach. She has over 12 years of experience in health and fitness and 5+ years in Crossfit.

She holds a B.S in Kinesiology and is currently completing her M.S. in Kinesiology. In addition, she is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, and Movement Rehab Specialist. She uses her experience and education to help people recover movement after injury. She also works with clients to teach them to move well to prevent injury.









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