Core and Balance Program for Seniors, Rehab, and Beginners


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This program was written for anyone who has a hard time with their balance, wants to get their core and legs stronger, and for people who want to start exercising but are not sure how to.

This is a great program if you have been managing back issues and need to get moving again, and is also ideal for the senior population or for rehabilitation purposes.

The exercises are easy to do, require no special equipment, and are modifiable for anyone- whether you are in a wheelchair or have trouble with your balance, you can modify this program to get you stronger.



If you are looking to improve your balance and core strength, but nervous about starting exercise, this program is for you! Designed after working with seniors and patients in rehab, we will take you through gentle progressions that get you moving but keep you safe- all while improving strength, balance, and coordination. This is also a perfect program if you are a caregiver looking to help your person start moving some. The instructions are easy to follow and the exercises are simple to perform.


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