Nutrition Coaching

Is it FINALLY time for permanent change?

  • Are you done gaining and losing the same weight over and over again?
  • Do you need someone to help you stay accountable?
  • Do you need help navigating ALL the nutrition info out there?

I’m in your corner to make sure you have everything you need to get a handle on your nutrition. I want you to crush your goals, and I want you to be able to live a good life while it’s happening!

How’s it work?

You and I create a nutrition/eating plan based on your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

To start, this could be meal plans telling you exactly what to eat and when. Or once we’ve talked we may decide that tracking what you eat and using macros is a better system.

There is no “one size fits all” type of coaching

Some of my clients eat intuitively and send my pictures of what they eat every day. Some of my clients create their own meal plans for the week and I help them get the right amount of calories, etc. 

I will build a system that works for you!


$109 per month for Nutrition or

$150 per month for Nutrition and Exercise Programming

What do you get for your hard earned dollars?

You get a COACH to hold your hand, support you every step of the way, and help you make your life a little easier.

You get:

  • An eating plan based on YOU- updated weekly (via Facetime, email or whatever mode you prefer)
  • Daily access to me whenever you need support or have questions, etc
  • Exercise programming if applicable and accountability to stay on track
  • Help with getting sleep and stress dialed in

The next step though is on you- you can contact me to ask ALL the questions, or if you know its time to hire a coach, all you have to do is click the button below!

IT’S FREE TO FILL OUT THE FORM! I will reach out once you have and we go from there!

Client Intake Form

You can also email me, fill out the contact form, or call me at 619-738-0064

Client Results:

You can have your goals, you just need to be willing to put in the work.

“I know I say that I don’t care how much I weigh but I feel like I am truly learning to understand what that genuinely looks like.

What it means to genuinely love your body and feel good in it. I’m honestly really proud of myself and l am learning to be in love with my body. I feel like I say I want to have abs or be ripped, sure who wouldn’t, but I’m learning that your fitness journey is more than that. I more importantly want to feel good with my shirt off, be confident in my skin, feel like my body is positively responding to how I treat it, almost like we have this mutual awareness and respect for each other. And I have felt that in these past 6 weeks!!! Any how I felt fucking great this morning! These 6 weeks just opened my eyes and made me realize the things that I can do! Thank you”

Shawna has been doing my nutrition coaching for a few months now and I have seen some amazing results.

I had hit a plateau hard in my weight loss/fitness journey where I couldn’t lose any weight and I wasn’t getting any leaner. She sat me down and walked me through my daily intake and helped me get to a point where I could manage my own diet. I’ve lost weight and gotten leaner on her programming. If you are looking to achieve your goals and are having a hard time getting that nutrition dialed in then she’s the one to get you there. I’m on her programming still and love it. She’s super easy to talk to and really listens to your goals.Thanks Shawna,” -Stephen Hand

Shawna is AMAZING!!!

My weight was at a plateau for years. I tried several dieting ideas but was always hungry and resort in my old eating habits. I thought my body was set in its ways and I was at that point where I couldn’t lose weight anymore. That all changed when I started working with Shawna. I’m currently down 12 lbs and still dropping! She is such an inspiration! And also one of the nicest people I know! She understands the difficulties us women face with dieting, self-esteem, and weight loss. She’s extremely personal and goes the extra mile to help in any way she can. You won’t get anywhere else.” -Kayla Dean

Shawna has been so wonderful to work with.

I’ve had GI problems for over a decade, and have seen specialists multiple times. At our first meeting she took me off gluten, and I feel the best I have in years. She’s helping me learn how to eat again, and how to be excited about eating again. And I’ve already lost 8 lbs in the first two weeks! I’d accepted where my gut health was, but I’m glad Shawna didn’t.” –Jon Baker

I’ve been working with Shawna for a little over a month now and things are going great!

She is very knowledgeable about food and exercise, and understands that all of us are different so we require different diets/training. I was surprised to learn that I was not eating enough calories so when she told me I should eat more you can imagine how excited I was!!! I train 4-6 days per week and was shorting myself about 500 calories a day . . . so crazy!! I’ve lost 5lbs and have more energy than ever. Looking forward to seeing where I am in another few months!!!” -Serena