Okay, I signed up for one of your programs, now what?

After you sign up if you have not already begun filling out the related client intake form you will recieve one via your specified email address.

Once the intake form has been filled out and returned I will review it then we will begin creating your plan. If I have follow up questions for you I will reach out to you via your preferred method of communication.

You can begin your plan if you want in as little as 12 hours from when you sign up.


Will I be hungry following your diet recommendations?

While I can’t guarantee it, I have yet to hear from one of my clients that the way I have them eating is making them hungry. In fact, I make it a point to keep you full. I get that in the past when you’ve tried other diets you spend a lot of your time craving foods you “can’t” have and I try my best to teach you how to eat in a way that never makes you feel deprived. We learn what your body needs and wants to shed the weight in a realistic way while still living life.

You will have to make some concessions, ie I usually suggest minimizing alcohol consumption. But otherwise a lot of the times I end up having my clients eat MORE food.

The one exception to this rule is physique clients or clients trying to hit very low body fat percentages- when we go to the dark place of the last few pounds it can become uncomfortable for a while. But this is not the average client and if you want to go there it’s most likely down the road for you.


Can I convert my weekly programming to monthly if I already signed up for the weekly or vice versa?

Absolutely! All you need to do is email me programs@shawnanorton.com to request the change and we can upgrade, downgrade, or switch your programming.


What makes your programming and suggestions different from other companies or coaches?

I don’t necessarily have a “magic” formula per say. I use three equations to establish basal metabolic rate then I take into account your current activity level, fitness level, goals, and your history.

Here’s the thing- every person is different with some similarities. That’s what’s so cool about working with a nutrition coach- personalization.

It’s NOT cookie cutter. That’s why I confidently say we can end your diet cycle for good- because we learn what YOUR body needs and wants.