Client Success

This is from a client who is working on getting strong enough to apply to become a firefighter. She is training hard and her calories needed to be set at a place where she can gain muscle and strength. We’ve been working together for the past month.

“I will say I weighed myself this morning I’m at 136. I had not eaten breakfast yet, I was not clothed and I started at 132 morning with clothes. So I will say I think I’m eating enough. My push ups are better I do 10 now without stopping easy when I started I could hardly get through 5. Otherwise I’m getting better about eating. I have been eating more consistent protein, if I know I’m lacking I grab a protein shake.
I sent you the picture, it’s hard to see changes. I notice the most in my arms and chest. I am not losing weight, but I feel more toned (hard to see in a picture).”

When we started
One month in.










When I started working with Steve he was well into Crossfit, but like a lot of my clients wasn’t eating enough. Now that we’ve got his food intake dialed in he’s crushing it in the workouts and his body is willingly using his excess stores. I guide him and provide accountability- but at the end of the day, he is the one putting in the real work, making the right food choices, and taking responsibility for his goals.

Shawna has been doing my nutrition coaching for a few months now and I have seen some amazing results. I had hit a plateau hard in my weight loss/fitness journey where I couldn’t lose any weight and I wasn’t getting any leaner. She sat me down and walked me through my daily intake and helped me get to a point where I could manage my own diet. I’ve lost weight and gotten leaner on her programming. If you are looking to achieve your goals and are having a hard time getting that nutrition dialed in then she’s the one to get you there. I’m on her programming still and love it. She’s super easy to talk to and really listens to your goals. Thanks Shawna, Stephen.”


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