Balancing Delicious with Nutritious

Okay all, I’m writing this one because it is an extremely common topic of discussion and it bears lots of repeating.

I want my clients to be happy. And I want them to feel fulfilled with their nutrition goals but I also want them to enjoy their lives!

So how do we find this balance?

It works like this:

Most of the time you want to eat healthy. You want to be eating your vegetables, choosing lean cuts of meat, and picking carbs that are high in nutrition (like potatoes, oatmeal, whole grain breads).

And even within this spectrum of health you can still have fun!

You can have turkey burgers and baked sweet potato fries, tacos with low fat ground beef, pizza with veggies and salad, and even macaroni and cheese (just pick a low fat cheese and a clean pasta!).

Then SOME of the time you can have your treats. If you want to have one small bite of chocolate after dinner, or a cinnamon roll on Saturday morning, or ice cream on a Friday night, that’s okay!

I just don’t want ALL of those things happening consistently- I want you to be mostly consistent with one to two (at most) indulgences each week.

This is how we continue to lose the weight, change our physiques, fuel our workouts, and reach our goals.

Because remember- it’s not what you do occasionally that matters- it’s what you do consistently!

So I want to challenge you to do two things.

First, find fun in eating healthy. Can you make meals you think are inherently “unhealthy” Coach Shawna approved? Can you make meals you would get excited about because they are delicious AND nutritious?

Second, save your indulgences for the special moments, then if by Sunday a special moment hasn’t happened, treat yourself.

And don’t think of it as a cheat meal, because we aren’t on diets (and we don’t do cheat meals!). Think of it as splurging and make it worth it! Don’t binge on a box of cookies- buy a delicious cookie and settle in with a cup of tea and a good movie.

We are doing this because I want you guys to find systems that are maintainable, and systems that not only help you keep the weight off but help you navigate all the stresses and challenges of life.

The more consistent you are with eating clean AND eating enjoyably the better set up for success you are, and the more in control you will be of managing foods that could be triggers or that you might feel “bad” about eating.

Lastly, we limit indulgences not only because of the extra calories that usually come with them, but the extra emotional baggage that comes with them as well.

I want you to be OKAY with enjoying a treat from time to time, but to feel in control if and when you choose to have that treat!

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