Eliminate The Cheat Mentality and Crush Your Weekends

It’s Friday night. You made it through a week of getting to the gym and eating clean. Now the weekend is upon you- what are you going to do?

I get a lot of my clients asking me what I think about cheat meals and cheat days.

Personally, I hate the idea of them. Not because I want people to be steamed-broccoli-eating-health-freaks, but because I don’t want anyone to see food as “bad” and “good”- but rather “how does it effect how I perform, sleep, and feel?”.

Now don’t get me wrong- there are some truly BAD foods- foods with artificial colors and flavors, and fun stuff like silicone dioxide in them. See these aren’t actually FOODS- they are things made in laboratories designed to get you addicted to bad habits.

But chocolate? Ice cream? Tacos? Pizza? Hell to the freaking yah. Crush them.

It’s not about good or bad food- its about what’s right for your system, your goals, and where you are in life. And this mentality of eat well during the week and horrible on the weekend is not only setting you up for failure, it can also make you fat.

The weekends seem to be where people lose their shit because they restricted themselves so intensely all week long, and then Saturdays and Sundays are perceived as “relax and let loose”. They end up eating like crap, and then come Monday morning get back on the bandwagon of strict. Does this sound like you?

Well what if you could have your cake and eat it too? Literally? What if you could have tacos on Tuesday then on Saturday you ate them again? Want to know what might happen? You WON”T lose your shit and eat ten of them… except maybe if you did drink too much.

Restricting then bingeing is such a common practice, especially for the office worker 9 to 5 person, that most people end up gaining weight over the course of a year because of this mentality.

What if you learned to NOT binge on the weekends, but rather find a balance?

What if you took away the “cheat” mentality and instead asked yourself- “how can I set myself up for SUCCESS this weekend?”.

Go to your friends birthday party- but at the snack table just do veggies and dip so that you can enjoy the cupcake later without any guilt.

Go out to eat with your friends- but choose the pizza loaded with veggies and chicken and have a salad first so you can manage how fast you inhale your food.

Seriously split the dessert with a friend- but AFTER you’ve eaten your main course (of meat and veggies!)

Stop looking at it as an all or nothing, excuse my french but “fuck it” mentality.

Take responsibility for how your future self wants to feel hours or days after you eat things.

Recognize that what you put in your body affects every part of your day (and NIGHT!) and choose the foods that make you actually FEEL GOOD.

You’ve got this my friends. So no- no more cheating. Eliminate that mentality.

Instead change how you perceive your food choices. Focus on making the best choices at every opportunity.

Want to lose the weight and keep it off? Find BALANCE through your week and into the weekend.

Figure out what works best for YOUR body- and then practice maintenance.

As soon as you let go of the “bad” and “good” food mentality, the cheat mentality, you will be able to focus on what’s really important- how do you fuel your body for the life you want to live?

Need help with all of this? I’m a nutrition coach who can and will help you survive the weekends!

My mission is to help everyone I can become the healthiest, strongest versions of themselves. I am a Crossfit coach, athlete, Health and Nutrition coach, Movement Rehab Specialist, and a grad student completing my masters in Kinesiology with a focus on integrative wellness.

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