Pilot Program- 12 Weeks of Crossfit and Health Coaching

We are launching a pilot program at Crossfit Humanity in San Diego.

Why are we doing this?

Because we’ve seen the power of Crossfit to change lives, and we know the effectiveness of health coaching to help those changes remain permanent.

We wanted to create a program that provides people with everything they need to once and for all reach their health related goals.

Crossfit has many perceptions and stigmas- from the belief that a person needs to “get fit” before they even start Crossfit, to the perception that a person is to old, or not strong enough, or too overweight to begin.

But the reality is that ANYONE can do Crossfit.

From someone who is weighing in at over 300lbs, to someone’s grandmother. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life- we can modify the movements to get you a kick ass workout while keeping you safe and moving well.

Crossfit has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives since its inception in 2000- helping people lose hundreds of pounds, decreasing cholesterol numbers, the stories and pictures don’t lie.

We have our own success stories at Crossfit Humanity- one of our members has lost over 70 lbs since starting Crossfit last year in March!!

Health Coaching combines the concepts of behavior change techniques with effective coaching to help people make permanent changes in their lives.

Health coaching is being adopted by insurance companies, large corporations, and even individual doctor’s offices because of how effective it is.

There are hundreds of studies demonstrating how health coaching can create massive health changes in peoples lives.

Combining Crossfit and Health Coaching was a no brainer for us— you show up at the gym to get your workouts, you hand your body over to a knowledgable coach who helps you move well and gives you a great exercise session.

Then you have a health coach that provides you with a clear plan of action to help you reach all of your health related goals- from managing your blood sugar, to losing weight, to lowering your cholesterol.

You get community, support, motivation, inspiration, guidance, and a road map. We are super excited to launch this program and we are even more excited to watch the changes that will occur in our participants lives and health over the next three months.

Do you want to be one of our success stories?

Our program offers 12 weeks of Crossfit classes in addition to regular Health Coaching sessions

Weeks one and two will be intro classes to Crossfit (referred to as on-ramp or fundamentals)- these classes will be taught by me (Shawna) and are tailored specifically to this group.

We go through the fundamental movements of Crossfit as well as any modifications that need to be made.

During these first two weeks we will also have longer health coaching sessions for each participant. The sessions will last approximately an hour and we will formulate a plan for exactly what you as the client/member wants to accomplish and how we can go about achieving those goals.

From there we will “work the program”:

→After you graduate fundamentals you will start attending regular Crossfit classes at the time of your choice. The coaches at Humanity are extremely capable at helping ANYONE make modifications, so you will always be in good hands.

→I use health coaching software that helps me stay connected to you. With this software I create a program that helps you build out the necessary habits and behaviors to start making changes.

→We meet weekly one-on-one and we have one group coaching session per week.

The program cost is $1399– which covers:

  • 3 months of Crossfit membership
  • Weekly health coaching sessions
  • Private Crossfit coaching

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

If the answer is yes, we are taking 10 participants to start. The program launches on September 10th, and the sign up date closes on September 5th.

If you would like to be considered for this program, you can contact me directly at 619-738-0151 or email me shawna@crossfithumanity.com.

Refund Policy

We will allow participants to cancel their purchase and receive a full refund up to 5 days prior to the start of the program.

If injury or illness occurs that prevents participants from continuing the program, client will be charged for the part of the program they have already attended and refunded the remainder.


My mission is to help everyone I can become the healthiest, strongest versions of themselves. I am a Crossfit coach, athlete, Health and Nutrition coach, Movement Rehab Specialist, and a grad student completing my masters in Kinesiology with a focus on integrative wellness.

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