Happy Sunday! Take 10 to 15 minutes out of your day and work in this core routine. It’s designed to be done even if it’s your rest day!

Perform 4 rounds of

2 Turkish get-ups each side

20 Second plank hold

20 Dead Bugs



If this is your rest day go light on the weight for the Turkish Get-Ups

The point of the dead bugs is a slow and controlled movement- if you don’t have pelvic stability and the ability to keep your back flat don’t make the movement harder. 



Dead Bug (this shows the more “advanced” movement- if you can’t keep your back on the ground start with bent knees instead of straight legs

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And remember- abs are DEVELOPED in the gym but DISCOVERED in the kitchen!

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Shawna Norton

My mission is to help everyone I can become the healthiest, strongest versions of themselves. I am a Crossfit coach, athlete, Health and Nutrition coach, Movement Rehab Specialist, and a grad student completing my masters in Kinesiology with a focus on integrative wellness.

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