12 Week Health Coaching Program

A Program Proven to Help You Achieve Lasting Health

Week One begins with awareness. You start tracking your life- from what you’re currently eating to how much sleep you get. We start to hash out how you got here- and then the program builds on helping you “slay your demons” and get you to the healthiest you possible.

This program is intensive- it is NOT designed for the uncommitted or the one’s who are not truly ready for change.

You will learn personal responsibility and emotional resiliency along with gaining every tool you need to make PERMANENT changes.

Each week builds in the changes we make, and I provide you with every thing you need to make those changes doable.

 We track your food intake using MyFitness Pal.

We have group health coaching sessions each week.

You will journal daily. You learn to develop healthy coping skills.

You will exercise, stretch, and take time for rest each day.

We hash out your sleep and set you up to sleep at the right time and for a good duration.

We have a supported member forum where you can interact with the other participants in the program.

You’ll be provided with meal plans and ideas as well as how to meal prep so the right foods are always available for you.

You will learn about the foundation of nutrition and we will breakdown what a healthy diet looks like FOR YOU.

You will be given a healthy calorie range to hit each day- and you’ll receive accountability and support to help you reach that goal.

How the program works:

I specialize in working with sedentary, overweight individuals who want to make changes with their health.

We address the health habits and behaviors that set you up for success in life- from what and when to eat for permanent weight loss, to establishing a manageable exercise routine.

→We use an awesome online website/app called Coachific which helps me stay connected to you.

→The program has daily assignments and habits to help you reach your goals.

→I receive notifications when you’ve done what you were supposed to for the day, and I track your progress through the app.

This is it- the time, the place, and the platform to lose the weight, get exercising, and live the life you’ve been seeking.

Let me help you feel amazing!

You will come out of this program a different person- I guarantee it!

Sign Up Today

The program is $499 for all 12 Weeks.

If you think it’s for you- sign up now- I only take on a limited number of participants each month!

Think this is a big investment? Too much money? Hard to afford?

It ends up being $42 dollars per week.

How much are you spending on foods you know aren’t good for you? How much do you spend on eating out? Smoking cigarettes? Do you drink alcohol?

Your Priorities Are What You Prioritize

I’d be willing to bet you CAN afford this– depending on how much you believe change is possible, and especially with the money you will save in the short term by eating well and in the long term by avoiding all the costs related to ill health.

Let’s get you going.

Have today be “the day” where you begin to make those changes you’ve been promising yourself or your loved ones for far too long.

This is the program you’ve been looking for. Take the next step in changing your health and your life for good!

Don’t wait another minute. I have a limit on how many participants I will take on each month!


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Disclaimer: This program is not designed to diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you are under the direct supervision of a doctor for a specific health condition, please refer to them prior to making any specific changes, such as starting or stopping medications. If you are currently taking prescription medications please confer with your doctor prior to taking any of the recommended supplements on this program. Some supplements can interfere with prescribed medications, such as blood thinners.